Make Energy Efficiency Part of Your Next Design

The Commercial New Construction (CNC) program provides complimentary energy design assistance and financial incentives to help offset the cost of implementing energy-efficient strategies for commercial and multifamily buildings in Iowa. Incentives are paid to building owners for implementing energy efficiency strategies, and design teams receive an incentive for participating.

Energy-efficient buildings use less energy and cost less to operate. Participants receive energy design assistance and a customized energy model that simulates energy use for the project, demonstrating which efficiency strategies have the greatest impact and are most cost-effective. Through a short series of meetings, strategies are selected for implementation by the owner and design team.

Design team members or building owners may enroll a project.

Increased multifamily housing incentives are now available.


Complimentary Services

  • A customized energy model simulating how energy will be used
  • Assistance identifying and evaluating energy-saving strategies
  • Analysis of energy costs and paybacks
  • Financial incentives to help offset the cost of implementing energy-saving strategies

Energy efficiency made easy!

From enrollment to incentive, we make it easy to find the best energy-efficient solutions for your building design.

Asset 5@3x
Provide your building's basic info in our application
Asset 1@3x
Preliminary Analysis
Real-time evaluation of energy-efficiency improvements and bundled whole-building strategies
Asset 4@3x
Final Analysis
Pick the best fit for your goals, and we'll analyze energy savings and eligible incentives
Asset 6@3x
We confirm your project was built to plan and issue a verification report
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Utility provides financial incentives for your completed project

Plan to Save, During Design

Planning and Design

Optimal time to enroll


Opportunities narrowing, but may still be available


Too late for the CNC Program



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